Company Overview

James Scotrr


Since our inception in 1990, we have delivered end-to-end solutions for some of America's most challenging and complex energy projects - safely, on time and to the highest degree of quality. In addition to our core business in the Oil, Gas & Chemicals industries, Apache Group Inc. also provides EPC services to clients in the Power and Mining & Metals industries across America.

From offices in San Francisco, our experienced senior management team leads the execution of a wide variety of resource-related projects in America. With long-term relationships with some of the biggest producers in the energy industry, including Suncor Energy, Shell, Husky Energy and ConocoPhillips Canada, we are well-positioned to engage in more promising and innovative projects, large and small.

Pillars of Excellence

Our Workplace Philosophy

We want our clients to learn to make data-based decisions, and thus be more successful in digital communication than their competitors. With this goal in mind, we are able to deliver all levels of services, products and staff coaching, as well as outsource our people to your team.

Our Core Values

To be the preferred multi-disciplinary construction company first in all part of America, then global.

To grow in an innovative, safe, environmentally responsible and profitable manner for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders.

At Apache Group we have built our reputation on trust, integrity and honesty. We drive a culture internally and externally that incorporates transparency, responsibility and the belief that we accept nothing but the highest of standards across all our business sectors - globally.


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